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Maisto Cars International Incorporated is a renowned brand in the manufacturing and production of die-cast and high quality replicas of the most popular makes and models cars and automobiles. They are producing the same sizes of toys replicating motorcycles and aircraft. The company started humbly but eventually got a big break in the industry with the introduction of Tonka products, and later on their own line of die-cast and 1:12 toy car models.Maisto cars gained utmost popularity among mainstream consumers way back in 1990 when they competed with the likes of the Italian Bburago, Polistil, and the Franklin Mint models of 1/18 scale toy cars. When their main competitor Bburago failed in its bid to outclass Maisto, the company then became the only recognized strong competitor in the industry dominated by European and American names, especially in the year 2000 when Hot Wheels and other companies took some serious contention on their own.Currently, Maisto cars produce and design licensed properties and toys representing motoring and vehicle trends, especially on body designs and colors. One of the most recognized affiliation is with that of Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company. The 1/64 scale Maisto cars are die-cast models that compete well with bigger names like Matchbox, Hot Wheels, and Johnny Lightning. The newest additions to their line of toy cars meanwhile are so limited and contain customized themes that they aren’t actually released to all and are not mass produced. One of those examples is the AllStartz line where you get to see cars with custom rims, customized and trendy paint jobs, and lowered suspensions. Pro Rodz on the other hand have the same customizations but is generally composed of American muscle cars.Maisto Cars ModelsR/C Rock CrawlerThis is a car that gives you the best radio control and off-road experience. It’s a truck operated with radio control and brags very sophisticated and articulated suspensions coupled with two motors and low gearing, the purpose of which is to make and enable a very realistic off-road action for anyone playing with it. There are front and rear suspensions and it likewise uses a tri-channel transmitter so as to enable three persons to simultaneously play with each other.1/24 R/C Lamborghini ReventonThe way the 1/24 Lamborghini Reventon is replicated and turned into a powerful and entertaining radio controlled toy car is simply a classic work from Maisto cars. This particular model is one of the few that the company released, highlighting their new styles, and one of these is the dashboard hand controller packed with various frequencies for the purpose of driving two cars in simultaneous fashion.Now those two Maisto car models are just some of the few that the company has included in its new breed and set of high quality replicas and die-cast models. Each version, model, or variety boasts a certain type of uniqueness and distinctiveness that make them compete equally with the likes of Matchbox, Hot Wheels, and other huge names in the toy car making industry.